Matters Raising Children

Pastor Mike, our youth pastor always tells us ‘raise the child well you just never know what he/she may become’. How true this is. I wonder how many of the parents looking at their children today can say that I knew he/she will turn out this way and thus raised them in line with what they are today. Or looking at them today, one is thinking that had I known this is what they were to become I would have done something a bit different. I am also wondering how many of the parents whose children are deviant today can say that I raised them well. It’s written in the Holy Bible that Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  And I want to say that whichever way you choose to teach your children may it be such that when they behave that way in future you’ll be glad that they never departed from that way. One expert in Matters Raising Children says that there is no guaranteed set of methods which when employed will guarantee that children “turn out all right”. Rather parents are to do everything possible in the hope of their children “turning out all right”.

And my question is as you bring up your children what you are preparing them for.  What is the Vision 2040 for your children?

Im not an expert in matters Raising Children because I have 2 children one four years old and the other one is one and a half years; however having taught Sunday school for some years there are things I have learnt through this journey and I hope to share them in subsequent posts. But I am also looking forward to be engaged by those of you who are more experienced in Matters Raising Children. Like my boss who always says that you haven’t parented until you parent a teenager!